Here’s the truth — Mitch McConnell and Harry Reid are arm-in-arm working together to reauthorize the Export-Import Bank, and to continue the cronyism and corporate welfare — of Washington,” he said in reply to a question from the RedState audience in Atlanta.

“It’s not two parties, it is one party — the party of Washington, the McConnell-Reid leadership team” added the Texas Republican. “The problem is they are not listening to us. We need to change it.”

Cruz accused McConnell of failing to fight for the issues that matter to conservatives.

“They’re not fighting to defund Planned Parenthood,” he said. “They’re not fighting to stop Obamacare. They’re certainly not fighting to stop executive amnesty or illegal immigration or past case law or end sanctuary cities.”

He Finished his speech by saying we need to get rid of the “Party of Washington.”

“The way you change it is the grassroots holding all of us accountable,” he said.

Things start to get really interesteing around the 3:15 mark.

If you missed his speech and want to see it in it's entirety CLICK HERE
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Deborah Christian
I stand with you Sir!
  • August 11, 2015
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dan forc
thank Debbie for the message and yes I am with you we need to unite and organize to stop the libs of washington from abandoning israel and all christian murdered by isis it's a christian genocide and we do nothing!
ps how do i send u a friend request on here?
  • August 11, 2015
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