We all know now that Hillary Clinton's server was erased before it was handed over to authorities. We are now hearing from ABC news that the server might have been backed up before being turned over.

The company that handled email server for Hillary Clinton, Platte River Networks, said that the server was likely backed up making the emails recoverable.

The company says it is not under investigation and is cooperating fully with with the FBI, Karl reported.

While Hillary Clinton is still claiming that no classified information was sent out in those emails that were sent by the private server, Investigations are now showing at least 60 of the work emails have been designated as classified by Intelligence Community Inspector General I. Charles McCullough III. Two emails are even said to be marked as Top secret. This is before all the emails from the backup are even recovered.

This news is still ongoing and we will update you with any further information that we hear about.
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Kathleen Grillo
#HellNoHill -- another Traitor, among 'TheEnemyWithin'!
  • August 21, 2015
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