Some "CommonCore" double-speak FYI; see second letter first; and then read dedicated, ‪#‎nocommocore‬ teacher's sincere, heatrfelt response; and know this, this affects every State in The United States of America and all our children; goes right to the core of our freedoms, Parents' Rights, and certainly, the rights of all students! The outcome, if allowed to continue, will surely result in generations of America-Hating, gender-twisted individuals with no sense of God, let alone Faith, cept The State! These humans will basically be well-suited to the factories of the 21st century, without any ability to thik analytically, think for themselves, make choices and decisions, as they will have been welll-taught what to think, and not by educations but by politicians whose only goal is their own self-interest!
In part, this is the "legacy" (he is so damned concerned about) of ‪#‎TheEnemyWithin‬, al-barackal-husseinal-papabama-islamophile!

USOE Letter Tells State Board All is Well, All is Well in Special Ed
Below are two letters. The first one is my response to the second, so you might want to skim the second one first. But the second one is written in the style that George Orwell warned us about-- ...
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Kathleen Grillo
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